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Bowen Microfinance Bank Limited- Moving Forward and Breaking new Frontiers” through the creation of Kingdom Wealth. (Deut 15: 7-11)

The Nigerian Baptist Convention in “Moving Forward and breaking New Frontiers” established Bowen Microfinance Bank Limited to create Kingdom wealth for Kingdom growth. This vision was conceived by the erstwhile President of the Nigerian Baptist Convention- Rev. Dr. Solomon Ademola Ishola. The President of the Nigerian Baptist Convention- Rev. Dr. Samson ‘Supo Ayokunle has been moving this vision forward to break new frontiers for wealth creation through Bowen Microfinance Bank that makes available financial services to the economically active poor all around within and outside the Baptist family.

Rev Moses Adebayo (Vice President (Finance & Investment) of our great Convention and who is directly in charge of the bank has been advancing this vision by seeing that the bank provides financial services that will empower members and non- members of the family thereby enlarging Kingdom wealth.

Bowen Microfinance Bank Limited was incorporated on the 20th of May, 2010 and open for operation on the 8th of September, 2011. The main objectives of the Nigerian Baptist Convention in setting up a microfinance bank are:

  1. To fulfill the mandate of God by offering a helping hand to the people.
  2. To touch lives by providing tailor-made, dependable, affordable and efficient banking services.
  3. To partner with every economically active persons to grow their business ideas and ventures.
  4. To build hope through economic empowerment and entrepreneurship.
  5. To put smiles on faces of individuals through the provision of financial services that fit their needs at all times.

Bowen Microfinance Bank Limited is opened to all economically active individuals, cooperatives, credit Unions, Artisan groups and Small and Medium Scale enterprises in various sector of the economy.

The Nigerian Baptist Convention is driving the vision with total committed to ensure that she contributes her quota to seeing that poverty is alleviated amongst the populace leading to financial improvement in lives and quality standard of living.

The Chairman of the Bank is Prof. Dn Segun Ajibola. Other Directors of the bank include: Rev Moses Adebayo – Vice President (Finance & Investment) Nigerian Baptist Convention, Rev. Dr. Solomon Ademola Ishola, Barrister Kayode Bankole, Deacon Adebowale Tade, & Deacon Yinka Obalade. The Management of the bank is headed by Mrs. Adebimpe Esther Ogunleye.

To fulfil the objectives , the bank has an array of products that fits the need of all persons and group of people that are economically active across all business sectors and within the urban and rural setting.

The products of the bank are: Bowen Entrepreneurship loan, LPO Financing, Bowen Workers’ Loan, BowenPastors’ Loan, Vehicle Maintenance loan, Bowen School fees loan, Bowen Micro lease, Jerusalem Savings loan and property title perfection loan, Bowen building improvement loan, salary advance, micro lease and micro housing.

The Convention as a provider of spiritual capital which is a necessary character assessment criterion for microfinance is already in existence. Through the establishment of Bowen Microfinance Bank, as a body in Christ the Convention has extended her commitment to doing the will of God by taking care of the needy and managing God’s resources in line with His desire.

It is therefore our believe that in the nearest future Bowen Microfinance bank will be able to carve out its own share of poverty eradication both to members and non-members of the Baptist denomination.

We invite all members of the Baptist family, at individual, family, group, cooperative, church, Association, Conference, Institutional levels to partner with Bowen Microfinance Bank to unleash the potentials of God given abilities of the economically active poor and expand its coast so that the larger percentage of the population who fit into the clientele of Bowen Microfinance will benefit enormously


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