Vehicle Maintenance Loan

Vehicle Maintenace
car loan

Vehicle Maintenance Loan

For Commercial Transport Associations.
  • Members must be registered with a Taxi/Tricycle park, which itself must be registered under Lagos State Taxi/Tricycle Park Association. 
  • A group will have a minimum membership of 10. 
  • Unity Savings account will be opened with compulsory deposit of 16% of loan amount. 
  • The group members must have functional vehicles (Taxi or Tricycle) 
  • Maximum loan amount of N50, 000.00 to N150,000.00 for first disbursement. 
  • Cross guarantee amongst group members and guarantee of the executives of the park. 
  • Individual guarantor will fill the guarantee forms provide passport and form of identification and attend interview session. 
  • The loan is for 12-24weeks with one week of grace. 

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